About Pakhribas

According to stories, Pakhribas got its name from an old Pakhri(?) tree that stood there years ago as a shelter for all the Dhakres (porters). Bas in Nepali stands for a night shelter where you can sleep and eat. When asked by others where they were staying for the onight, if they happened t0 stay around that tree then they would answer," Under the Pakhri tree."(पाख्री मुनी बास हुन्छ  ) So the name stuck as Pakhribas.... this story might not be authentic but we have been hearing this since we were small so ............
Pakhribas is a village, looking forward to being changed into a Municipality in the nearest future. The Village Development Committee has nine wards just like every VDC in Nepal ! Located in the eastern hills of Nepal, it is about 20 kilometers north of Dhankuta and five kilometres west from Hile. Situated around 1700 meters above sea level, it is a beautiful VDC with around 5000(?) people comprising of Gurungs, Chettris, Rais, Limbus, Newars, Magars , Brahmins and others.  
                      Currently Pakhribas has one +2 college, three private English medium schools and one lower secondary school. The oldest school of this place, Shree Jalapa Devi Higher Secondary School has an annexed course for wannabe sub-overseers. Lately, a science faculty has also been added to the school's pride. It has a marketplace which gets filled with the bustling villagers every Saturday. Adorned with two temples, two churches and a Buddhist monastery, it has been celebrating X-mas as well as Buddha Purnima regularly.
                       About a kilometer away from the main bazar lies the Agricultural Research Station. It has been continuing the researches under NARC even though its former patron, the UK Overseas Fund, deserted it about 20 years ago.This station has beautifully built houses, labs, roads and playgrounds, which have been drawing tourists from far and wide. Due to the availability of well equipped conference halls and resting facilities, it has been hosting conferences organised by  major government, non-government and international organisations.It has outreach sites where the scientists of this station carry out their research projects.
                      Pakhribas has a metaled road, a clean drinking water supply program, a health post and three clinics, telecommunication facilities like the internet, land line phones, two mobile communication towers and a cable television network.Within this VDC, there are 5 community forests, among which the Jautar Community Forest at ward no.7 has been acclaimed as one of the bests of Nepal.
                       Shree Sheetala Devi English Secondary, formerly run under the British Project, is still one of the best private schools in Dhankuta district. It has a basketball court along with well maintained classrooms. It was reputed to have been named as the Budhanilkantha of the East, but since the British went away with all the money, it has been struggling hard to maintain its prestige. 
                   A basketball court, a lawn tennis court, a football ground and a squash hall are the sports facilities within Pakhribas.
                         Regarding the profession of the people, older folks are mostly retired British and Indian army soldiers, others are shopkeepers, farmers, hoteliers and teachers. Almost half of the youth population has left the place in search of better job opportunities in the Gulf countries, Malaysia, Korea and India.
  There are three active youth clubs within Pakhribas; Chetana Youth Club(7&8), Young Heart Club(8&9) and Yeti Youth Club(3) have been organising functions, sports events, musical events and giving trainings co-ordinating with the VDC and other NGOs.



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