Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why is mig33 becoming so popular in South Asian countries?

These days you must have seen boys and gals bent onto their cell phones , typing frantically usually smiling to themselves. Don't be alarmed..they haven't gone mad .... they are just chatting with their mig friends or busy in some textual war with their virtual enemies. Recently Nepal as well as most of the South Asian countries have seen a wave in such cell phone addicts mainly due to this cheap social network called Mig33 which was started around 2005. The popularity of this chatting site is increasing within the South Asian countries which presumed is mainly because of the cheap rates the network offers. You can chat away for hours in just 3-4 NPR. Not only chatting with friends enlisted in your friend list, it has about 90000 chat rooms created by the site and the users themselves.The rooms have moderators who can kick you out of the room if you use abusive language or flood the room with texts and emoticons. Another interesting thing within this community is that with some mig credits you can buy different gifts, emoticons and avatar items. Then there is the order of level, the more you spend your time on mig , the higher your level will be and the higher the level, the more respect you get from others. Next, there is the merchantship within mig with which users can sell mig credits to their fellow users in hard cash. As your level increases, you gain more and more powers, like creating rooms,. creating groups and more data storage capacity, which simply means you can store more of your photos as your level goes up.
                     But alluring it may seem, mig has its drawbacks. It's thought of as a not-so-secure-site because simple high school kids can hack ids and steal away the credits within. Recently the mig service was shut down because someone had hacked the id of the owner of mig. Mig is disgusting too... you should see the verbal abuse in the rooms and private chats. Boys and gals think that winning someone in a textual competition gives them honour and usually the fastest abuser is looked at with respect from others. Just like any other network, it has all pros and cons. Facebook doesn't have public chat rooms so at least it seems safe. If Facebook also had 100000 chat rooms then surely most users would stop texting on Facebook due to disgust created out of all those fake ids and abusive language. Mig is popular in South Asia because it is the first of its kind here.
                       Just as grown up people are addicted to Facebook, the children, in the veil of fake ids, are exploring  this virtual world where you make friends and enemies, where love breaks up in chat rooms and love starts with some stupid status messages.Not to forget there are the fake people who lure you into a virtual relationship, only to find out that they are of the same sex.
                         Every social network do only one thing, that is they make people busy but not creative. The only advantage of such sites is that children getting involved in drugs is highly reduced because they have chat rooms to manage or girlfriends and boyfriends to attend to. Otherwise mig33,like any other network is utterly useless. 
                         If someone fails the exam, it's because of too much migging. If someone elopes with a never-seen-before-type of guy then it is highly likely that they met in mig. Mig33 is like Kolaveri Di, that stupid South Indian song, tasteless yet with a lot of hype................

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Anindya Mahapatra said...

Very nicely put information.
I was a very regular user Mig, before my id got hacked, and I got disgusted from the number of times I had lost credit. And the gifts and other virtual items there are not all cheap!
I was just wondering if there are some other sites like Mig, with a little more security and lesser verbal abuse.
Thank you.

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