Friday, November 25, 2011


[Chature- Nepali word for a cunning person ]

They speak and forget

  Laugh and weep

Say,"I'll do this and I'll do that"

They do everything for themselves

 Plead with us for our votes

We listen and fall

Cry and laugh

Seeing their dramatics

We die for them

 And vote them out of pity

 They grind us

 Like maize in a grinding mill

We vow never to be fooled again

By their cunningness   

 But Chatures, they keep on being born

Keep on killing us -the retards

They show us the dreams

We fantasize

                They always feed us crap

                 But we don't simply understand

                 They quarrel at odd places

               And reconcile

 Aflame with anger but shake hands

 Look towards the cameras and smile

                We watch them on the news every day and every night

                We curse them from where we sit

                 But the next day, we reach

                 to massage their  not swollen legs

             Jobs to our children

               They straighten our legal hassles

                 All these fucking Chatures

                That's why they are Chatures

                 And we are the damned retards.

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