Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man Shoots His Son : Mistaken For A Monkey

I heard this piece of news on KantipurFM last night. The electricity was out and I'd been enjoying myself with some songs on the headphone working out mentally on the post at my Wordpress site. That was an old guitar work by Steve Vai, ironically its title is For the Love of God.

Just then I remembered that I had radio on the cellphone! My finger instinctively scrolled the radio button,  the first bit of news I heard devastated my pleasant night. Kantipur FM was saying that a father from one village from the western part of Nepal had shot his own son with his bharuwa gun.

The boy, as I recall the news broadcast, was wearing something brownish and was atop a tree to chase away the monkeys which were a nuisance lately, visiting their corn field often and creating a havoc. The broadcast didn't mention whether the father had ordered him to do so. 

The father, when he saw the monkey on the tree, took out his gun and shot it down.

The news is mentioned here, not at all for the funny side of it( if you feel that it has any). I just wondered how much shock, grief and regret the man might have felt. How when the monkey fell off as his hunt from the tree turned out to be his son! How he might have felt!

Anybody can step into the shoes of the farmer and imagine his shock. I wonder how sometimes God (if there is any) rolls his dice for all of his people. That was surely a nightmare for the farmer, a nightmare from which you can't pinch yourself out.

This morning I tried finding out more about that shocking event, but the sites I surfed had no mention about it. Perhaps that wasn't a major headline at all! Or I might have missed it!

But still I am imagining things like, how that twelve year old boy might have been performing duty on the tree. Maybe he was thinking that his father would be pleased with his ingenuity in chasing all those monkeys. How the father thought that the something brownish hiding silently within the foliage was a monkey!

How he might have rushed inside to get his gun! How he had felt when he saw that the monkey he had shot straight was actually his own beloved little child! How the mother might be feeling right now! How the father might be wishing right now, as you read this post in some faraway land, that it was just a dream!

Was the man drunk? I'll try to inform you if I get my hands on any piece information about the incident. You might be feeling that I am getting too sentimental but this accident touched my heart. It is something like the recent accident when a boy nearby my village shot his own friend, as he was boasting about how to shoot a bharuwa. They'd forgotten that it was loaded! The boy died on the spot.

Accidents, as they seem, have bizarre equations. I feel that God is just a component of this huge equation that moves the universe and composes accidents both fortunate and unfortunate! He has no upper hand on these equations...... so far!


Steve said...

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Jon said...

What a tragic story. And yes, as you say, there are some things from which we can't easily pinch ourselves and recover.

I wonder if sometimes people treat guns in too cavalier a manner - forgetting that with the pull of a trigger we can so easily extinguish a life. There are not many objects, other than guns, that can turn life to death so quickly.

Avishek Chongwang said...

Thanks Steve and Jon for your visits.
I agree with you Jon.

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