Friday, December 23, 2011

Beware all those who have been lighting up their streetlights illegally!!!!
We have been hearing that the new government is penalizing those who have been using electricity illegally.  It was sure that people who used electricity as they liked, cooking food and even running mills with stolen electricity, would be punished by Baburam, the new prime minister!!!! It is shameful that the leaders and the their people are involved in unlawful actions due to the lack of Constitution!!!! Most streetlights within Nepal fall within this category, there is no need for payment nor any inquisition...just join the lines to a pole and There you go!! The streets get lighted!! The government could give some concession for such lights as they are involved in the welfare of the society but would that be possible in a country where the people have to face minimum 8 hours of load shedding everyday???!!??

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