Friday, January 6, 2012

Who knows what lies in whose mind??

       Today I had to attend the funeral of a little brother, didn't want to go but .....Last when I heard the news about his death, I had wished that it were untrue. But our wishing never changes what has already happened. He had committed suicide!Maybe he did it just to irritate his parents, maybe he was just trying to compel his parents about something and maybe accidentally he died... I don't think an eleven year old has anything in his mind which compels him to hang himself...It's strange that such incidents keep on occurring within Pakhribas!! Why does an eleven year old kid commit suicide?? Just some months ago, a girl studying in grade ten hung herself inside her own room with her own shawl. The reason was so simple: her father had just scolded her about her studies!!!
                            When an eleven year old kid commits suicide, there's no need for a big surprise around here!! Just some years ago, a kid of that same age had hung himself. Maybe the children are getting inspired from such continuous events or maybe we are encouraging them into such heinous acts, making them devoid of their self-respect. How?? Because though such events have been recurring, we haven't been able to advise them. Neither the schools nor any other organisations are working on this field. Suicide has become as easy as a trend. Children surrounded by any little mental tension are reverting to this easy solution. I am not a child psychologist but I believe what I feel is in some ways true.
                       It's high time that the parents should be aware about this impending problem. They need to think about how they can mould their children into psychologically strong beings. They need to muse over how they have been treating their children. Just think, whether we are respecting the rights of the our children. We need to understand that a single thing can't be taken in the same perspective by a child and matured person. Even the fingers of our hand have varied lengths so within the same family the way children absorb something can be drastically different. ..........A simple scolding can be a nothing for a child but mental torture to another.....
                         We need to be do we fight in front of the children? The psychologists say this thing decides how the child's mind might be growing. The child, whose parents quarrel and fight in front of him/ her is never at peace. From the outside, he may seem to be cheerful, friendly and sporty but inside a big fire may be ablaze!! Such children usually tend to be aggressive or too much sensitive. Our children when they grow older will find that their self respect has turned into dust, seeing their God-like parents losing their respect. Such children usually commit some violent crimes or start seeing their life as something meaningless and empty.
                           Dhankuta district has been disreputed for being the district with the highest count in suicide rate. Maybe we have started to have pride in this statistics!!  Still nobody has become serious about this deadly virus which has been spreading in the minds of the little children. It is not heard that any parent, school or organisation has tried to search the remedy for this sickness. Where is the counter- reaction for all the ideas the children and the youth of this district have been accumulating in their minds? How can they fight this temptation to end the life when they face a little problem??
                            Till when will we wait...........and guess as to whose turn it is next>............

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