Tuesday, January 24, 2012 just a number

Even though there's a proverb in Nepali "उमेर गए पनि मन भने तन्नेरी"(though our flies, our hearts are still at youth) but old age when it settles in surely brings in some worries. So much left to do, so many plans unattended. Only when we realise that our lives are getting shorter, we begin to understand the value of our dreams. So many of our desires we have kept on our pending list so that we can tend to the struggles of our life which seem more important to attend to. So many more we hide in our closets just for the sake of our prestige: they seem contradictory to the name we have earned.
                     Maybe all the dreams of our childhood can't be fulfilled but trying once wouldn't harm us at all. Not only the wishes of our childhood but even our newer interests are worth giving a try. It surely would be an adventure to start something anew, basically from level zero, from the midst of our lifespan.That would surely make us feel bold and exhilarated, I guess. If life is considered as a school then the process of learning will never end and anything new doesn't need to be started always from the childhood or the youth nor the old age. Whenever started, a new thing/idea is always new at that point.
                      Looking at the people who started from their mid-age, we come to understand that many famous and great people fall within this category. The painter of the picture above, Vincent Van Gogh had started painting seriously only in his thirties though he had been drawing pictures since his childhood. Just in the same way, the creator of Spiderman, Stan Lee, had created the Fantastic Four series when he was 43 years old. We know that Mahatma Gandhi had initiated the Salt March during his late years, Swami Prabhupad from India had done the commentaries on Gita Ramayana when he was seventy. The record also shows that the compiler of thesaurus also was around sixty when he had done the seems age is nothing when we see the dedication of the people. Just another English proverb proves's never too late...............
                    So if we have something cooking inside our brains.........then why not start serving now?

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