Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questions Faced by Bachelors and How to Tackle Them (Part One)

I speak for all the bachelors in the world, I speak against all the insensitive remarks people make upon the  poor guys who haven't been able to marry because of some special circumstances. I speak for humanity.
           How many times have you been battered with the words from men who don't respect your right to stay unmarried? How many times these monstrous insensitive folks have hurt you, expressing their doubts on your manhood?? Through this continuous column, we will try to devise methods to shut their mouths. Any ideas worth sharing can be mailed to me; you lack ideas then you are dead. 
              The most prominent way of insult made on the bachelors is usually the question about their manhood ! The question might start like," Hey, you old fart!! Don't you have the THING with you?" 
             The answer depends as per individual and someone who has no resistance might just walk away and sulk in the corner, wondering whether something is terribly wrong with him. I say to you fellows, my dear brothers, there is no need of such girly acts for you. Bachelors are not sick people, bachelors are not effeminate people! The simplest answer for such an atrocity would be," I believe such a question is posed by a dickhead who has just that THING on him and NOTHING else. Nothing................ like creativity, love and sharing." Have some pity on that poor guy and expose his weakness, which is, him thinking that the only thing that matters to him is just his sexual organ and nothing above and beyond! It's obviously true! 
               Marriage is the most anti-social thing that the humans have ever created, it is far more destructive than an A-bomb. Marriage has been wreaking havoc upon the entire humanity and still no one has dared to wake up against it. Everybody knows it binds us, it takes away our freedom but no one dares to go against this conservative tradition. Marriage is the root of all the divisions in the world, my family...your motherland....your motherland.......your son , son.....your neighbour's neighbour's wife. Oh no ! This has been going on for ever and we are constantly nourishing this enmity between man and woman, family and family, country and country.
               If you ever thought of our history without marriages between prince and princess, between farmer and farm helper, between a boss and his secretary, between a knight and a lady and between the oddest pairs ...........the world surely would have been a better place......completely free and we would not have wasted so much time in maintaining our families and homes. The time and money spent in constructing a king-size bed would be spent wisely on other things. 
               Cowards, hell bent into legal prostitution, usually marry early. If love means spending the rest of your life with someone then it also means that you are trying to take away his/her freedom. If sex is the source of ultimate happiness then certainly it should be free. But how ironic......we advocate marriage and ban prostitution.
                     Well......these are some ideas, I gathered from some other people. You can improvise them and fight against those who abuse you.................people, means specially men here. I guess you know how to prove your point when some person from the opposite sex insults you in that way...................hehehehehe

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