Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's Khagendra Thapa doing in Dhankuta Mahotsav?

Khagendra Thapa, Age - 20 years

Khagendra is the chief  attraction in the ongoing Dhankuta Mahotsav 2012. Though his Guinness World record has already been broken, but his charm has remained. Every person is sure to be shocked when he/she sees Khagendra and wonders how this man happened to be thus..... I was surprised not with his height but the way he was kept there in a hut, like some animal in zoo..
   Taking Khagendra's pics was totally banned but somehow after much requesting  I managed to take one photo. To have a look of this nature's fault, we had to pay Rs. 20 but I never liked the idea of keeping him there, handing out pamphlets to the awe-struck visitors. If it was his wish to stay in such a way then I have nothing to say.........but how can he stay there passing out the handouts?.........above him was a notice which said that trying to make him talk, laugh and dance were strictly not allowed.....quite interesting..........but if he was to be put for exhibition, wouldn't the organisers earn more if he showed us some dances..........just a thought................ 

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