Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glimpses from the opening day at Dhankuta Mahotasav 2068

Rallies appeared from every nook and corner of Dhankuta city and the whole city had been decorated like a bride. The Prime-minister Mr. Baburam Bhattarai inaugurated the event which will last for12 days of merriment. The crowd was so big and my constant worry was that my purse might get nicked in the hustle.The entry cost me Rs. 25 and I slapped it at the counter and got in. Everywhere I saw couples having fun and wondered whether all fairs are meant for couples only as I was the only single there. Looking at the huge attendance, I wondered from where all these people have appeared and where will they go! Felt hungry after fooling around and hunting faces for hours, I ate two plates of momo that cost Rs.35 per plate without worrying about all those people. Maybe some of them thought that I had just broken my hunger strike. Shambhu Rai was singing "यो मन भन्छ कहाँ जाउँ  "(this mind tells me to go somewhere else), Iwas feeling cold so i thought my mind was telling me to go home...........I walked home, alone in the cold making up my mind to bring a girl with me the next time around......... 

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Anonymous said...

Eh eh Bhattarai budha pani aayeka rahechan

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