Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why is it that Ramayana and Iliad are similar in plot?

As I found that it's not only me who is baffled with this mystery. Googling over this matter I found many people interested in this strange and yet close connection between the two epics. One from Europe's oldest civilization and another from Asia's oldest. Both these epics have a similar plot where a woman is abducted by a royal from another kingdom. Sita gets abducted by Ravana in Ramayana whereas Helen gets abducted by Paris in Iliad. To add more to the mystery,  both abductors come from beyond the seas! Maybe anthropologists, historians and writers might be brooding over this matter and researching; we might know something if they come up with something!!
 The character of Achilles in the Trojan War matches with that of Bivishan in Ramayana. The Greeks led by Menelaeus attack the fortified city of Troy and the Vanaras led by Ram attack the golden city of Lanka! Helen was presumed to be the most beautiful lady in her time whereas Sita was renowned for her beauty and her loyalty to her husband. The Trojan war was also a long war like the war of Lanka where the Vanaras helped build a bridge across the sea to invade Lanka. These similarities make me guess that something must be wrong in our history of the world. Like some people claim that Pythagorus was initially a Sanskrit name compiling of two words Pita and Gorus. Some even say that the Magars of Nepal are in some way related to the Magyars of Holland!! Some even say that Noah's ark was actually a submarine which he had built with some alien technology!! And even more, the story of the Flood is listed in almost all the books of ancient they say.. If you ever read Mundhum (Book of the Limbus), you will get stories where God appears to His men in bizarre forms. He appears with a long antenna like structure on his head. Why would God need a long thing erected on his head???? 
      I don't mean to say that Ram was an alien of some sort or Ravana was some predator and obviously the Ramayana isn't an Alien versus Predator movie..... But when we listen to lot of people, they sure wreck our minds with their nasty stuff ...  Who knows they might be true in some way??? We could have been planted here on earth by some fucking aliens..... Maybe we were lured of the garden of Eden by some other frigging alien!!!! It could be real that what Ezkiel had visioned as God the Almighty was just a fucking spaceship from outer space !!!!!!!  

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