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TRY PAKHRIBAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pakhribas is much adored because of its scenic beauty. We feel that about one third of the Nepalese population can recognise Pakhribas because of this photograph. But let me assure that this isn't the only Pakhribas, there are still some more places which are equally beautiful. Hundreds of people flock into Pakhribas with the hope of picniking within the ARSP premises but the government institution doesn't allow picniking within. First of all it is not a site for entertainment and next picnikers usually make a hubbub and leave behind garbage which surely disturbs the peaceful research area. So most picnickers return back disappointed. 
         Taking this situation in view, the local people have arranged for picnic spots and camping sites for the interested people but due to the lack of information, most picnickers are found enjoying themselves beside the road, wherever they find a piece of greenery(sic). If you ever think of coming to Pakhribas for a picnic, then don't forget to read this page and don't forget to provide your expertise to people who might be coming to Pakhribas, especially for picnic.
          Here, I am going to give you information about the places where you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Chetana Youth Club, Pakhribas-7 and 8

The club has designated a place near the Research Station as a picnic spot. The picnic spot is physically joined to the outer boundary of Pakhribas Research Station so you will have a nice chance to visit the Station and take your lovely photographs as your delicacies get prepared. As there are a lot of shops just some seconds away from the site, you need not worry about any materials you might have forgotten to bring with you. Other refreshments are handy too, especially if you want to have a quick sip in some secluded area, then the shops do have such dark corners.
    You will be charged Rs.300 for the facilities provided by the club and these facilities include electricity to help you jam up your picnic with music of your choice, a sound system with a mixer and powerful speakers, a continuous supply of clean drinking water, two handy toilets, firewood and cooking utensils(if needed) and benches.

Jautar Community Forest, Pakhribas-7 
Jautar Community Forest, situated at Pakhribas -7 is one of the most successful community forests within Nepal. It covers the huge area around the hills of Pakhribas and can be reached from ARS Pakhribas after a 45 minute hike. A motorable road has been constructed from Hile which is especially for picnickers and sightseers. A great place to be, you can view Mt. Makalu in her full glory and Kanchenjunga in a glimpse.The forest is well protected and hunting is strictly prohibited though you may see pheasants, deer and porcupines strutting around. The hut shown above has been especially built for picnickers, and has a kitchen nearby. There's also a larger hut nearby, just in case the weather gets too chilly or rainy. The charges are minimum but I suggest this place for real hikers only as the road is uncompleted; bikes can do if you really want some adventure. The place in overall is a heaven for campers but you must inform the concerned people beforehand. There's always a watchman nearby if you ever reach there without pre-information. You don't need to worry about the cooking utensils, the water just needs to be carried from a short distance, firewood is in plenty but don't forget to bring all the necessary things with you because the nearest shop is in Hile!
 Precaution: Don't venture too deep into the beautifully orchestrated jungle as you might get lost or bump into  some sexy lovers having fun under the bush !!

Ramche Tea Estate, Pakhribas-3 and Muga VDC

Ramche Tea Estate lies to the west of Pakhribas VDC. Since the advent of tea farming in Pakhribas VDC, the tea plants have been covering most of the unused lands of Pakhribas and Muga VDC. You cross Pakhribas Bajar to get to this scenic place; you can either have your picnicking atop the hill with Makalu as a huge portrait behind you or go down inside the tea plantation area. Either way is a best for a nice picnic unless your vehicle can move across the a-bit-rough road. But you needn't worry as you have to endure the rough ride just for five minutes after you go uphill towards the site, following the Shivalaya Temple of Pakhribas as your guiding star.
The picnic spot is well run by Ramche Youth Club and the Bajar Management Committee, Pakhribas-3. So there is no need of carrying all your cooking utensils, that would just be a burden for your vehicle. A fine supply of water, nice hills from where you can have the panoramic view of the Terai, the mountains, the Arun river gliding far below..........heaven awaits you at Pakhribas!!

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