Friday, December 30, 2011

                  The greatest prayer is patience.                -Buddha

Have you ever wondered who might be the person who has never hurt anyone? Do you know of any person who hasn't committed a crime? Well, if we start the research then certainly we are bound to fail. No one is perfect in the world. They may not have committed some heinous blunders, they may not have done something that makes them feel embarrassed throughout their life but everyone has done something wrong...every one is guilty. The only thing that matters is; How do we take our guilt? How do you cope with it? And still out there in this wide world, there are people who are trying hard to repent; but making mistakes has been a habit for them and the respective guilt that arises afterwards makes their life into a hell. Have you ever been in such a situation when you wanted to change some part of yourself but felt that you can't do it because it's like fighting with your own nature, fighting against your gene? If a person tends to be a bit more introspective then it's not surprising that  when he looks into himself then he will keep on noticing flaws within himself and these weaknesses never end. We might end up in the grave in this endeavor to correct these flaws within ourselves but they won't end... these weaknesses that our society teaches us to recognize as weaknesses. Our conscience makes us burn, but still we go on making I guess, if you don't have a strong will power, the best remedy for this is PATIENCE. Since a habit can't be changed overnight so what we need is patience, just waiting and watching ourselves...watching how we indulge in that habit we remorse creeps into our being afterwards and how we promise to ourselves that we won't do that again and how we do it again. 
           The funny (and most irritating thing at the same time) is that we fully realise the awkwardness of our behaviour during such episode. We know we are doing something wrong but we keep on doing that. I can't be sure whether all the people think like me or feel like me but I am dead certain that whatever the individual complications, the framework of mistakes and the resonance of guilt, fear and shame afterwards apply to all the human beings.But with a little bit of watchfulness we can change all this. Watchfulness, in the sense, doing nothing but just watching ourselves.....watching the urge....watching how we do it.....watching the emotions that over ride our conscience......... being patient and just watching......... That, I hope will be the greatest prayer for our change because they say when you watch something with your full awareness, you understand it and when we understand something........... the value of that action gets lost but the joy of watching will remain.......

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