Friday, December 16, 2011

                    TEN GREAT DISADVANTAGES OF MARRIAGE                      1.You lose your freedom-you'll be constantly dictated hence you'll not be creative anymore.
      2. You may gain your freedom, the freedom to rule hence you might turn into a dictator.
     3. It's natural for a human being to be interested in new ideas, new places, new gadgets and new people but restrictions arise after marriage.
     4. It's highly probable that the children you bring up will turn out to be stupid like yourself.
   5.You will be constantly reminded of the cliche TRUST as if it were a new mantra whenever the word RELATIONSHIP  pops up.
    6. Facebook becomes a Farcebook and Chequebook becomes your deity. Da Vinci's mysteries and Harry Potter's magic no longer enthrall you as they used to; instead you will be reading them out to your children like some death verdict on your precious time with your friends.
   7. Being attached to one person, the adventurous spirit in you ebbs away....... making you lifeless and impotent.
    8. Your horizon merges into one nonsensical utopian horizon where there is no setting sun.
    9.You will be psychologically strong but strong enough just to fight for your family against your neighbour.
 10.  The tenth disadvantage of marriage will dawn upon you as if by enlightenment......SUDDENLY.
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