Monday, January 2, 2012

Google Has Indexed Us

Google has indexed us finally !! For novices like us it's really difficult to get our sites indexed by Google but maybe as a New Year bonanza, our blogsite has been indexed. That means all the users can log into our site by simply typing Pakhribas Updates inside the Google Search box. There is no need to type in the long site address.
               We'd like to thank Google for listing us and hope the best will come out of this experience. Thanks to all the viewers and followers of our site for sparing all the pains for typing in that long address. Now you just need to type Pakhribas Updates and that's it, you will be directly led to our blog.
               Be ready for more quality pictures, news and other articles coming into our site. In the nearest future we will make you sure that you are not the only people logging into our blog as per friend's sake or bro's sake or cousin's sake ..hehehehe. We want to inform you that we are hiring more writers who will entertain you with their quality articles.                 Stay in touch and stay blessed....................................

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