Monday, June 25, 2012

The Start

Usually when we visit a town or a bazaar we get greeted with beautiful monuments and banners but today when I visited our own Pakhribas Bazaar, I was greeted with something different! Literally I was disappointed ! I accept that when a village turns into a town, we face problems during the transition but what I saw this morning was plain carelessness! It's time somebody spoke against this misdemeanor.

This dumping site is situated exactly below the Health Post of Pakhribas VDC! The road is nearby the entrance of Pakhribas Bazaar-3! Just think for yourself , how difficult the pedestrians might feel while passing through this stench! The dumping site has just been started but what becomes of the surrounding environment if this continues? My dear brothers and sisters, it's time to think about this.It's time to think about our environment!

Every high school kid knows that dirt brings diseases. So why not think about a proper way of managing all the waste?

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