Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aringal !!!!!!!!!!!!

The ball atop the tree is deadly if not handled properly! Commonly known as अरिंगाल (Aringal).....hornets(or yellow jackets?) are known for their notorious sting and delicious larva....YUMMY!!!!!!! The local hunters burn down the nest with a flame attached to a long pole and after the ferocious adults are burned, the combs are torn open and the larva taken out. Before pulling out the white larva, it is made sure that all the mature ones are dead by dipping the nest in a bucket of boiling water. The larva can be eaten raw !!!! When cooked, it has the taste that makes you forget the distaste you had before trying. Highly nutritious with protein, local people believe that the larva is an aphrodisiac and works better than Viagra !!! 
But you better be careful if you have noticed a nest nearby coz there have been many deaths due to multiple stings from Black hornets... they are dangerous,unlike the red ones....Happy Hunting!!!! Hehehehe

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