Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Share your experiences on BPPV with us. Though it is benign, it turns our life into a hell for some weeks. If you ever had this problem with you, then it would be a kindness upon the victims of this mysterious medical problem. You could share your experiences and tell us how you coped with it. If you had undergone through some medical practices then what were they?? Where did you get your treatment??? Does anyone do Epley's Maneuvre in Nepal??How much does it cost?? Do you know anything about the latest researches on BPPV?? Please feel free to share......
My researches into this problem say that it can't be cured by any medicine and the ultimate solution is just an exercise called Eply's Maneuvre. Though it goes away of it's own accord after some days or weeks, it has the chances of returining and I pray for it never to return again.......So it would be a pleasure to hear from you, regarding this nuisance...............

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