Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making a Resolution for the New Year

So the long awaited 2012 has arrived !!!! Nobody is very sure about what is going to happen around December 21, 2012 but I am sure every one is making resolutions for the New Year. Usually when a new year starts we start making resolutions and I feel that it is a good practice. But it only depends on the next day whether that resolution was worthwhile or it was just one of our whims. Resolutions..resolutions....I haven't made till now but hope that whatever resolutions you make, may they be fulfilled. If not in this year then there's always the next and for us there are hundreds of New Years everyday. Some may promise that they will never touch alcohol again, not a single drop and I have seen them going to the temple some other day resolving to start drinking again. So making a resolution doesn't need a special day.......every day is a New Day. The only interesting thing about 2012 is that, it is probably the most talked about year in the human history, every body says we are going to die!! The earth will start spinning in the opposite direction and solar flares will engulf our Earth and there will be floods and tsunamis and earthquakes and more.......and more.
            Every kid knows what's going to happen on 21st December of this year but has any person, organisation or government  ever thought about the dangers of this propoganda? Have we thought about the situations that may arise prior to this Doomsday date? Since this 2012 shit has been spreading like a plague in the minds of all the people, there are chances that some really insane people, cults or organizations may create panic and mass hysteria among the normal people. Cases of mass hysteria, hooliganism and mass suicides may taking precautions would be better than panicking and running for our lives when something like a baby's diaper falls onto our head from the floor above.. Maybe the the astronomy of the Mayans has been misinterpreted !! Who knows?? Whether it be the Greatest Hoax of the century or a bitter reality, it doesn't matter if all the human life is going to be annihilated from the earth because when everybody is going to die then there seems to be no point in worrying and following some fake Saviors or panicking ourselves to death beforehand. 
                 I want to see the morning of December22, 2012 ....that is my resolution for this year. I want to see what really happens....whether we all get turned into ashes by the solar flares or we will be thrown out into space from this planet. Or maybe I want to laugh at the Greatest Propoganda of the century, on the cold morning of Saturday, December 22nd, 2012................ 

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