Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012

2012 finally...but no any significant changes, on the radio Sugam Pokhrel is still barking like a dog...He is singing some bullshit about maintaining oneself....again another song from him...dunno whether I can forget you or not...Outside my room the dogs are barking...welcoming the new year. I wonder what sorts of merriment are flowing around the world...but here I am in a silent village of Nepal....that's why New Year's Eve has no significance for me...comes and goes. Here in Nepal, the Gregorian calendar gets important just during New Year's Day, May Day and Christmas; though there is no official holiday on New Year's Day we have public holidays on May Day and Christmas even though we aren't laborers or I feel we truly need to thank all the laborers and Jesus Christ.
             Tomorrow is a Nepal Banda by Limbuwan....I guess they  intend not to let people celebrate New Year.! But that doesn't matter much.Festivals come to Nepal in plenty.Just some days ago, we celebrated the Lhosar of the Gurungs.

                It's true that no other country in the world celebrates so many New Year's Days as Nepal.But isn't this New Year a festival of the Christians??But whatever the history behind the New Year, celebrating it has become a trend in Nepal too.  
                  Maybe the kids at Kantipur FM are also busy in the celebration..they are broadcasting just the songs....the chatterboxes must be dancing somewhere else. I don't have worries about only me being the    person who is not dancing right now because I know 95% people from Nepal are having their sweet dreams right now..  I can swear for that. 
                     What is the significance in the Gregorian New Year? From what I have just signifies the time that started from the birth Christ....started by his followers so that they could remember that He was born at this time. That means it has been exactly 2012 years since his birth!! Poor Jesus!! How he might have felt when he was being nailed on the cross!! Oh yeah! Nailing we have been doing everyday and others are poking at us with their swords....the difference is only that everyone can't be a Christ and whoever nailed is not necessarily a Messiah.
                           As the celebrations fade away and the pockets empty and all the resolutions made for the New Year turn out to be just words only then maybe Jesus will speak in our hearts. What he says we won't understand because if we could understand him, we would never have hanged him in the first place........... 


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