Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How and why to help Wikipedia?

         We all know that Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia but most of us might not know that it is a user based encyclopedia where any interested user can edit the contents if he/she feels sure that the information in the encyclopedia is inadequate, biased or full of incorrect details. I hope it isn't necessary for the readers to explain the significance of an encyclopedia like Wikipedia where you can get valuable information for free. I used to wonder how they manage to collect all the information from tongba to Sunny Leone, from UFOs to Uttarpani, from cauliflower to itch-mites. That was my ignorance and to be honest, just yesterday I realised that all the information about various fields are uploaded by users themselves otherwise how could they update so much....when they had been asking for monetary help from users. Obviously I couldn't manage to help them financially but found that I could help this great organisation by other means.
         You too can help by inserting correct information about your place, correcting other minor mistakes like spelling mistakes, uploading photos to make the subject clear. During my surfing, I found that the profiles of  most of the places of Nepal have been stubbed out; they are outdated. Not only places but we can write about any subject field which we feel that we are a master at. We could even write biographies of our people!!! When there's a biography of Sunny Leone, the famed(?) porn star masquerading around in Big Boss these days then why can't there be a biography on Hari Khewa or the proper description of your village or town???
          The process is not very difficult, you just need to register your e-mail account there, create a username, learn some codes on how to start a paragraph or italicise some words. Then you need to go through the tutorial which will help you on how to upload photos, how to manage articles and how to publish what you created or corrected...Done.....!!!!!
           The advantage????? Ummmm your name won't be nominated for a Nobel Prize but you sure will be helping a lot, to all the people who want to get information about some particular field, which you feel you are a master at!!! You will be helping the generation to come and make their searches accurate. The most important thing is that if you are editing your birth place on Wikipedia then you are paying back for all she did to you. Who knows because of your editing some more tourists might drop by at your village?? Generating more income..... loaded with proper information. So...........what about starting today?

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