Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The first disadvantage

water scarcity
 A town gets good roads, banks, health facilities, entertainment facilities but along with them comes population growth and it disturbs all the balance. The first disadvantage of urbanization must be the scarcity of drinking water. As the rate of urbanization increases so do the problems.  
scarcity of water
With urbanisation, the nearby jungles are being destroyed and the water sources are getting extinct..............dunno from where people will drink water when this rate continues...
rainwater collection
 The sources diminishing day by day.........people start searching for alternatives..
water carriers
Spending one litre of petrol for two gallons of water????
water carriers
Play time and study time being wasted for the supply of water!!
water carrier
If this continues, so much valuable time of the people will be spent on the supply of water from the nearest well or pond................

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