Sunday, May 20, 2012

ऐशेलु - Raspberries

Who doesn't like to spend some time of theirs getting lost into the thorny bushes picking Raspberries? Whether kids or old people, they can be seen struggling with the thorns just for the sweet raspberries which hang among the bushes of the hills of Nepal. But these days they are not so plentiful as they were before. Maybe some years later we will talk about those bygone days when we used to step just a foot away from the roads and entertain ourselves with the sweet taste of those wild berries. There's a wine bottled in Basantapur, Hinwa is its name and it is advertised as being prepared purely from raspberries but I don't believe that. What is the amount of raspberries needed to make a bottle of wine? How is the cultivation done to provide the wine factory with the primary raw material? Maybe we need to start cultivating these sweet berries so that we can bring this wild fruit into some better use and also make the coming generations feel proud of us for letting them taste Aishelu..................


Difficult and that's why she is trying so hard........

ripe raspberries

Do you remember the taste if you have ever tasted one?


 Mouth watering............ummmmmmmmmmmmm

raspberries from Nepal

Beautiful and with a unique taste 

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